Effect of qat on the oral health


  • Researcher\Adel Researcher\Adel Head of Department of Dentistry - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of Taiz, Yemen
  • Researcher\Barakat Al-Tayer Faculty of Dentistry, University of Taiz, Yemen.



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Qat, Khat , Kat


This study is descriptive, and was conducted in the Faculty of Oral Medicine and Dentistry - University of Alsaeed, The purpose of this study was the presentation of various facial –oral and dental lesions in Yemeni patients who were using qat.

Materials methods : eight hundreds and eighty five patients Yemeni were examined.   All of who were chewing qat. All patients were adults 18 years of age or older , were then selected for the study, oral and hard tissues lesion were classified according to their clinical impression, location, size &their association with the use of qat chewing.

The result : Diagnosed oral lesions were distributed as follow: - periodontitis 31.8%, severe attrition 21.0%, cervical caries 12%, Cervical none carious lesion 7%, Proxamil caries 8%, hyperkeratosis 3.8%, unilateral missing teeth 9.7%, unilateral heavy calculus 9.4% and bilateral missing teeth 3.75%, masseter muscle hypertrophy4%,TMJ associated symptoms1% and   gingival pain 1% . Recommendations: carrying out analytical studies to determine the association between qat chewing and oral lesions .




كيفية الاقتباس

Researcher\Adel, R., & Al-Tayer, R. (2018). Effect of qat on the oral health. مجلة جامعة السعيد للعلوم الانسانية, 2(1), 4. https://doi.org/10.59325/sjhas.v2i1.50